Having a Plan B.

Those who read my blog know that I rarely – actually never – write private stuff here. The reasons are quite simple, I think that my private life is actually interesting only to me, and that sharing it with the others would be quite boring – for the others. Well, this post is a bit different.

Since the September last year, after 11 years spent with Daenet, I have decided that the time has come for a fresh start, and I begun working as a freelancing SharePoint Consultant and Architect. It was a very different experience, and a very valuable one, where I have traveled a lot, and learned a lot. And it was an interesting job, too – having a workshop here, making an architecture there and doing a migration there – all in all, it was fun. One big difference was in a level of responsibility – as a freelancer, I was responsible only for the work that I was doing at the very moment, trying my best to leave the customer with a happy face. I had no overall responsibility for the company, no big picture in front of me, and that was quite relaxing.

But, during this time I have met with the CEOs from a Germany-based Microsoft Gold Partner, PlanB. GmbH, and they have offered me a position of Managing Consultant there. What was thrilling about it, was their full focus both on the technological excellence, AND on the customer satisfaction. Philosophy which is actually very similar to my own. So, with less second-thoughts then I have expected, I accepted the offer. Starting yesterday – I am a Managing Consultant at PlanB.


This blog won’t change much. Actually, except of some minor design changes it will not change at all. Topics about SharePoint consulting, architecture and development will still dominate this blog.

Until the next post Smile