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Session on SharePoint-backed mobile apps development at ShareConf 2012

The way in which the users create and consume information is changing all the time, with always greater pace, and without any signs that these changes will stop anytime soon. While only a few years ago important information was stored on the local drives, and consumed through classic PCs with Windows Desktop operating systems, today, information is being consumed through a variety of devices with different operating systems.

Today SharePoint is the leading collaboration and knowledge platform throughout the world. For that reason, there is a greater need for consuming SharePoint data through various devices and operating systems.

On Wednesday, June 20th 2012, at ShareConf in Dusseldorf (the most important and the most influential German-speaking  SharePoint conference), I will talk about development of apps for devices, which leverage SharePoint data.

The session, titled “SharePoint in the clouds, on earth, in the subway and in a fruit salad (mango and apples)”, will show the ways and techniques in which to develop cross-platform and native apps for different devices and different operating systems, including: Windows 8 (Metro Style), Windows Phone, but also other operating systems, like iOS, will be mentioned.

Different development platforms and architecture patterns will be presented, and the crucial topics like authentication and impersonification will be addressed.


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This session is intended to all SharePoint architects and developers which want to investigate the means to present the SharePoint data on different mobile and tablet systems.

Link to the session page is here.

At the same conference, my colleague Stefan Baum will be doing some real magic, at least from my perspective. He’ll pull some white rabbits from his hat. No, actually he will not, he’ll do something even more spectacular: he’ll create the whole, full-blown, fully functioning SharePoint farm in matter of minutes.

So if you are interested in this Voodoo, be sure to visit his session as well.

See you all in Dusseldorf – can’t wait.