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Announcing my two sessions at SharePoint Days in Munich

I am happy to announce my two sessions at upcoming SharePoint Days in Munich, Germany (11/20 – 11/21). This is the first conference in German speaking area which puts focus on SharePoint 2013 – what is new, what is improved, and what is it all about. With 9 Microsoft MVP Speakers, quality of the presented sessions and materials is guaranteed.

SharePoint Days, Munich

In my first session, “The Future of the Intranet: Road to Enterprise 2.0”, I will be speaking about what Enterprise 2.0 is, what it means to businesses, how a transition model to Enterprise 2.0 model can look like, with pitfalls and benefits on the way. And how can SharePoint 2013 help.

My second session, “SharePoint-powered mobile apps”, is targeting SharePoint and mobile developers. In all this hype with the new SharePoint 2013 app model, new Workflow Manager, new WCM and social features, one cool new feature from SharePoint 2013 remains mostly unnoticed – SharePoint Mobility API. This session will explain possibilities for SharePoint-powered Apps development, for Windows Phone and Windows 8, but also other systems (iOS, Android…) will be mentioned and possibilities for those system explained.

See you in beautiful Munich!