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Announcing a session at European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen: Beyond social

Tailor SharePoint 2013 Social features according to your needs and compliance regulations.

I’m speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2013 and I’m delighted to be a part of this fantastic gathering of the SharePoint Community, Feb 4-7 2013, in Copenhagen, Denmark. On February 5th, the first conference day, I will do a session on adapting SharePoint 2013 social features to businesses’ specific needs and requirements.

2013_SPEAKINGshrpt_NEWSharePoint 2013 has brought some huge improvements in social computing. Real-time collaboration, news feeds, following people and artifacts, groups and communities – it all helps businesses to push knowledge dispersion, collaboration and the feeling of togetherness to a whole new level.

But it doesn’t have to stop there – the whole social stack in SharePoint 2013 can be expanded to include governance mechanisms, as well as fitting and tailoring the technology according to your needs. In this developers-targeted, demo-packed session, we will explore the SharePoint 2013 Social APIs, client and server side, and we will see how to get most of the news feeds and other social data. We will integrate public social networks with SharePoint social features, creating on that way a powerful social and knowledge computing platform for businesses.

Governance and compliance are key issues with social computing at workplace: this session will show how to tailor SharePoint social features to fit the specific business needs, how to tweak it to be your vehicle in corporate social computing, compliant with your internal procedures and regulatory requirements. How to monitor the social computing activities, and how to implement a technology framework for social computing governance, to keep on a safe side with your social activities.


The message for the end: SharePoint is not just a product packed with social features – it can be a platform for social computing within your company. It just needs to be tailored to your needs. This session will show how.

With over 110 SharePoint sessions, keynotes, hands on labs, SharePoint Shootouts, ask the experts, community lounge, tutorials, Europe’s largest SharePoint focused expo, SharePints, parties, meetings, networking events, competitions and more, European SharePoint Conference is a must attend event for all SharePoint enthusiasts! Check out the full Conference Programme to see all sessions and topics that are being covered by myself and many others.