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Slide deck and code samples from “Beyond Social” session at European SharePoint Conference

Well, European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen, was, as a friend of mine would say it, majorly awesome, even legendary. Thanks to everyone who has attended my “Beyond social” session, thank you for all the great feedback on my session, for all the tweets, thank you for the chit-chats on the floor… It was fun doing that session, and it’s a great thing to see that you have had some fun as well Smile

As I have promised, there is slide deck and the code samples I have used in the session.

The slide deck can be downloaded here.

As for the source codes, there are two solutions I have showed and used in the session.

481535_10200536248197578_1819133541_nThe first one is  “The Social Console”, with samples how to work with the feeds, how to post, reply and like on behalf of an user, how to follow Social Actors on behalf of someone else (using SSOM – Server Side Object Model), and how to integrate SharePoint social feed with Twitter (or anything else, for that matter) using CSOM – Client Side Object Model.

The second one is “ShareDove Social Governance”, which is a SharePoint farm solution with one feature that contains one event receiver, which shows how can we implement basic social post validation and report social posts to the administrators.

Again, thank you for a GREAT session, it was a lot of fun!