In the first article in this series, I’ve introduced skybow and our mission. In the second and third article, I was talking about data modelling and processing, UI and reporting. In the fourth article I was talking about architecture and what is under the hood. In this – last – article, I’ll be talking about the future of skybow products, and what is my role in it.

1 – What is skybow?
2 – skybow solution accelerators: data modeling and processing
3 – skybow solution accelerators: UI and reporting
4 – skybow solution accelerators: what is under the hood?
5 – skybow: the next generation of products, and my role in it

Yikes, this is all on premises! What about Office 365?

Yes, this what I was describing here is onprem stuff. Our kitchen is very busy at the moment with cooking online stuff. I can’t talk (yet) too much about it, but there will be a good deal of parity between on premises and cloud features when it is out. Of course, mechanics will be different – we will use Azure web jobs and RERs, instead of timer jobs and event recievers, the functionality will be the same for the most part. Ardevia Rich Forms, now part of skybow, which got the Office App award as the best performing SharePoint AddIn in 2015, will be the core of designing forms in our cloud offering. There will be a cloud solution studio, offering what our Skybow Solution Studio offers now on premises. We are cherry-picking some of the finished parts of the cloud story, and putting them in Microsoft Office Store – there are already action links, list view search and tabbed pages there, and, of course, the Ardevia rich Forms. More is coming soon. And until the end of the year, it will all be integrated in cloud Skybow Solution Studio. Really exciting times ahead, and I am honored to be part of the team doing these crazy and wonderful things. I will be blogging and posting about this a lot in the coming weeks and months.

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So, what am I doing there?

Yes, this is a personal question, which I am getting quite often. Actually always. My position as a Director of Product Technology involves close working together with our architecture and engineering teams. Product and architecture brainstorming, prototyping and similar. It gives me enough time and enough possibilities for what I love: develop new stuff. Playing with Azure and Office 365 for our new offering. Besides that, I am working closely with our partners. Helping them to get started, working together with them on specific use cases. Skybow doesn’t work with end-customers, our partner ecosystem is our treasure, and my job is taking the obstacles from their way. Last but not least, I am setting up the whole skybow evangelism story, to help the spread the word about this cool technology. It is truly an amazing job, and I am enjoying every moment of it. I’ll keep you posted.