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The role of Knowledge Management in Modern Workplace

The premise established in previous blog posts of this series was that modern workplace can play its strengths on the best way as a combination of collaboration, communication and process management, delivered on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, to be used and consumed from residential and mobile workers, anytime, anywhere. And, as we have seen, it all revolves around content. So, the first logical question would be – what is, actually, content?

The myth of Modern Workplace

The best definition of Modern Workplace I can think of is a very short one: it is a fulfilled Digital Transformation. Once the transformation has been completed, we are able to offer our employees a workplace which will truly lives to its marketing slogan: work anytime, from anywhere.

That was the #collabsummit 2018

Sixth! Who would have thought, on that April day in 2012, in a small café on the Croatian cost, when Nenad suggested an idea to Toni and me to have a SharePoint and Microsoft Project conference in Croatia, that it would be such a success and that it would be still be...