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SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics in Numbers

It has been two weeks since a (VERY!) successful SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics 2012, so it is a right time to pull the numbers together, and look at some stats.

Since it was the first SharePoint Conference in the Adriatics region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro), sure we were anxious how will it go, and are we going to manage to be attractive enough to get the people on the conference.

Well, as it seems, we did it! Smile Officially, we had a bit over 150 attendees (where 150 was a maximum due to the venue), 20 speakers from 8 countries (thank you all!) delivering 25 sessions, and 3 workshops on the post conference day. That means, out of 4 offered workshops, only one was not booked out!


Attendees could rate the conference in the feedback form which they have received after the conference end, where they rated the conference as a whole, and particular sessions, with the notes from 1 to 5 (5 being the best note).

Overall conference rating was 4.70 (!!!), what means that the conference has got the 94% of the best possible note! Now, that’s a reason to be proud!

The conference food got even somewhat better rating, with Michael being particularly delighted Winking smile 


Average session note was 4,45!!! Well, even if there were some well known speakers on the stage, that note is still awesome! Some usual suspects can be found among the top five speakers, with @ntrajkovski and myself not being officially ranked (as conference co-organizers). Interesting that all the best ranked speakers are Microsoft MVPs (4 x SharePoint, 1 x Microsoft Project).

Anyway, congrats to @molnaragnes, she has delivered a hell of a session!

It would not be fair not to mention Martina Grom (@magrom) and Toni Pohl (@atwork) whose great session on developing Office Apps would definitely ended up in the Top 5, if they had got only a few more votes… (there was a certain number of ratings set as a criteria, for being included in the ranking).


There were some discussions on our Facebook Page why did we advertise the conference with “Probably the best SharePoint conference in the world!” slogan. Well, you are right. We won’t be doing it any more.

There is a new slogan:


Cheers!, and thank you all who have, on one or another way, participated in the SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics. You have been awesome, and it was an awesome time with you!

The official conference infographic can be downloaded here!