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Cloud based cevapi restaurant at KulenDayz 2014

Announcing session at KulenDayz 2014, Osijek, Croatia, September 6th-7th 2014

KulenDayz. There are different kind of IT conferences. There are serious ones, where everyone wears a tie and talks about serious business. There are the geeky ones, where a bunch geeks gather to talk about a topic that only they understand and find important (SharePoint, anyone?). And then, there are all possible variations of those two types.

I speak at various conferences, in different countries, all over the world. It gives me an opportunity to meet cool people who like similar things I do, to talk about technology, and, of course, to have some fun. If I like a conference, I will do my best, and try to be there the next year as well.

With one exception – there is a conference which I just must attend, no matter what. You guess: KulenDayz.
It is actually difficult to explain why, it is a combination of many of small things, quality of local wines being just one of them. KulenDayz is the only conference, where you can see a good friend of mine, the ultimate, world-famous SQL Server expert & rock-star, chasing a dog which has stolen his sausage, and cursing so loud in the process, so that he can be heard until Hungarian border. It’s the only conference where sessions are held in the vineyards. Hell, it’s the only conference where my former MVP Lead and good friend was singing “Hotel California”, on the stage, with the rock band. KulenDayz.


KulenDayz. In our tech-driven world, in our daily doing, we are witnessing rapid technology changes. And the software industry is leading that change: more and more aspects of our lives are being controlled by software. KulenDayz is a hard core tech conference, where everything is about software. A conference where sessions are level 300 and above. We are speaking about serious tech here.

My session at this year’s KulenDayz will be a true sad story about a former SharePoint developer, who sees his world, formerly dominated by Microsoft.SharePoint namespace, rapidly declining. CSOM, REST – hell, even JavaScript, are becoming first class citizens. As he has decided to leave the software industry, and open a Bosnian restaurant instead, we are going to help him. Just for him, we are going to design, develop and run a cevapi restaurant solely in cloud, using C#, JavaScript, Azure and Office 365. We will speak about all-cloud solution architecture, which includes Apps for Office, Windows and Windows Phone apps, Azure Service Bus, Push Notifications, well known Azure features like Worker Roles and SQL Azure, and introduce Office 365 APIs. The first cloud-based cevapi restaurant, to put it that way.

And that can happen only at KulenDayz. This year in Osijek, Croatia, September 6th and 7th.