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First Office 365 Conference in Germany

I’ve got a mail today: my session at the first Office 365 Conference in Germany (Cologne, January 9-10) has been rated 4.6 out of 5, and I landed amongst the top speakers! I wouldn’t be honest if I would say that I am not proud of it – I am, very much. It was an early morning session, at Saturday morning, in a packed room (there were no sitting places left – people were standing), about heavy duty, cloud-only development with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, and such a great feedback…

But that’s it about Office 365 Conference: a community organized event, by German and Austrian Office 365 and other MVPs, was the ideal environment for great sessions, great audience and a lot of fun and getting together. All the sessions were very well visited, Q/A sessions were dynamic and informative. The conference itself had IT Pro, Business and Development tracks, and a bunch of top-notch, mostly MVP speakers. The topics have varied between business, legal, administration, architecture and development topics. Something for everyone, in the most positive way. I was using my time to chat with the audience (almost 200 attendees) in the hallways, and the feedback about content and quality of sessions was overwhelming – so, those high ratings were obviously not by chance.

I know from my experience with SPC Adriatics, how difficult it is to organize a conference. So, kudos and a huge thanks to Martina Grom, Kerstin Rachfahl, Toni Pohl, Michael Kirst-Neshva and Raphael Köllner for this conference. You guys have nailed it. Hope to be there the next year, as well.