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Let’s talk about enterprise social at Unity Connect Amsterdam!

Yammer has introduced the document discussions for the Office 365 documents. Then it didn’t work well. Actually, it didn’t work at all. Then they removed the feature.

Enterprise social can seem frustrating. Very frustrating. In the eyes of Generation Y employees, enterprise social is a requirement, a prerequisite if you want. It is the way of communication and collaboration they are used to from their private lives. For management, there is a pressure to keep up with the competition, and not to lose the edge. For the risk department, there are issues on exposing sensitive data through unknown channels. A workers’ council would stress the privacy issues. And the IT department sees yet another tool it needs to manage.

In all this mess, enterprise social is inevitably changing the ways that people are collaborating.


Join me in exciting and beautiful Amsterdam, at Unity Connect (, in a session where we will give answers for why is it that way, and demonstrate practical use cases for how enterprise social can improve collaboration in your company. Unity Connect well feature *the best*, and I mean *THE BEST* Office 365 and SharePoint experts and speakers in the world today, including Microsoft guys and a bunch of MVPs. It is the *one* event where you want to be.

If you didn’t register, there is still time.

Tot ziens!