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Session at Microsoft NetWork 2012 – “Future of intranet: Road to Enterprise 2.0”

The way on which business users create and consume information is changing constantly and rapidly, without indication that these changes would stop anytime soon. While only a few years ago information were stored on the local drives, and in the most cases consumed through standard PC computers, today we have a situation that the information is stored in hybrid cloud and local environments, and consumed by all kind of different devices. As a result, the way how we percept and implement corporate intranets is changing and adapting to a new, strongly changed environment.


Current researches are showing that traditional intranets, as we know them, can satisfy less then a half of the corporate users. Navigating through hierarchical menu structures and using search to find information is not what users are asking for today. Instead of searching for it, they expect information to find them. In all these changes, the line which is dividing internal (corporate) information, from external information, is becoming thinner and less important.

Join me in beautiful city of Mostar, on April 4th 2012, at Microsoft NetWork 2.0 conference, on a session which will discuss current trends and changes, and show the way how can enterprises leverage Microsoft SharePoint 2010, to achieve transition to Enterprise 2.0 world.