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Webinar “Work Management Service” materials and answers

I would like to thank everyone for attending my webinar “Work Management Service – Using SharePoint as a consolidated task platform across the company”. I am really pleased by such a large number of attendees, which is a clear sign that this topic has been somewhat neglected inside the SharePoint community. You can find here the source code I have shown in the webinar, as well as the answers on the questions which were not passed through during the webinar itself.

europeansharepointconferencA huge thank goes to the whole European SharePoint Conference team, who has organized webinar. You guys rock, and I hope we all see each other in Barcelona, where even more cool SharePoint sessions, and lot of great fun and parties is going to happen!

Source code can be downloaded here:

Slide deck:

Questions and answers:

Q: Is it true that henceforth Microsoft will not be releasing any more versions of SharePoint. There will be more Apps produced as we progress with SP 2013 and further?

No, definitely not. SharePoint is here to stay. Please read Bill Baer’s blog at

Q: Is 171, 107 and 150 are standards within SP 2013 tasks ?

Those are standard SharePoint content types. “171” are new tasks (with timeline and hierarchy in SP2013, and “107” and “150” are “”legacy tasks from the older versions of SharePoint (Task and GanttTask)

Q: Does Provider refresh run as a Job every 5 minutes out of the box ?

No, it doesn’t, there is no timerjob behind provider refresh. Provider refresh is either triggered through the GUI (when an user comes to her MyTask page), or through the custom code (look at the source code files).

Q: hint store is this user defined or system defined ?

Hint store is a Web-level property in user’s MySite. That means, there is a WMA Hint property for each user separate.

Q: How does WMAHints gets updated , can you throw some light on this please ?

Through the event receiver, which is attached on the SP 2013 Tasks list. Each time a new task comes in the task list, event receiver stores info in WMA Hint, if that location (list) is not already stored in the location cache for that user.

Q: Can you please throw some light on REST interface for Server and client that you touched up in WorkManagement please ?

There are no REST endpoints for Work Management Application. You can only use SSOM and CSOM APIs for working with WMA. For more info on SharePoint REST interface itself, please take a look at this article and the MSDN documentation for comprehensive documentation.

Q: if am not wrong, is it the aggregating of all tasks from different SP sites in one place- is this work management ?

At the moment, tasks in SharePoint lists, tasks in projects in Project Server, and Exchange tasks (Outlook) are supported in the task aggregation in Work Management Service.

“Q: Aggregation can be performed on mysite only? Can we do it on our main intranet portal?

Not out of the box. The web part, which is used in MySite, cannot be used in other sites (say, team site), since it has too many dependencies on MySite-only resources, like styles, tabs, ribbons etc. But, it is fairly easy to develop own webpart (or app!) with similar functionality, using the code I posted above.