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Work Management service in SharePoint 2013 (1): a short overview for developers

We all know the dilemma of having our tasks scattered all over the place: some are in Exchange (Outlook), some are in SharePoint tasks lists, and some are in Project Server. Taking care of all those tasks can be a challenge. That’s why Microsoft has introduced in SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online a new service application, called “Work Management Service Application” (WMA).

This service is colloquially well-known as “Task aggregation service”, and, for the end users, it is manifested through the Tasks menu in their personal sites. Users can find all their SharePoint, Project and Exchange tasks (if opted in), aggregated and sorted, under unified “My Tasks” experience. They can sort their tasks, “pin” them (mark them as important), and mark tasks as completed – directly in the aggregated task view. Special views of “Active tasks”, “Important and upcoming tasks” and “Completed tasks” are accessible within a click. All tasks updates are synced back to their originating systems – the task providers.