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Announcing two sessions at European SharePoint Conference 2014 in Barcelona

I am happy two announce two of my own sessions at European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

ESPC Speaker Graphic

  1. “It’s not your Father’s SharePoint: New solution architecture paradigms with SharePoint”
  2. Developing social solutions with SharePoint Server 2013

Tuesday, May 6th, 2 PM (session T8)

It’s not your father’s SharePoint: New Solution Architecture Paradigms with SharePoint

The first session will deal with the solution architecture choices and practices in the brave new SharePoint World. We are witnessing that SharePoint is changing rapidly in the past two years, and so is the architecture for solutions based on the SharePoint platform. Apps? Cloud? Office 365? JavaScript? OAuth? Devices? The number of changes and new technologies being thrown on SharePoint Solution Architects nowadays is overwhelming. This session will aim to show a possible path through new approaches, technologies and APIs. We will go through Cloud Business Apps, Remote Event Receivers, we will look into Apps for Office, connect devices to our SharePoint data, we will see the role of Microsoft Azure platform, and clear up some confusion about the brand new Office 365 APIs.The whole time, architecture choices will be presented, and decisions explained. We will spend at least half of the session with the different development tools, so be prepared for some serious SharePoint fun.

Wednesday, May 7th, 3:15 PM (session W22)

Developing Social Solutions with SharePoint Server 2013

Yes, SharePoint Social features are being neglected in the favor of new everybody’s darling: Yammer. But, a lot of customers are not able to work with an all-cloud technology like Yammer, from various reasons. And, there is always that A-Ha! effect when working with SharePoint Social: considering that it is a technology in it’s first (and last) iteration, it is a surprisingly good and robust technology, with some great APIs. This session will lead you through the capabilities of SharePoint Social, beyond the out of the box features: 5 legitimate use cases will be presented on communication improvement, integrating external sources, social instead of publishing, implementing internal procedures, and – governance. Yes, social content is content, and as such, it needs governance. Join me in this session to celebrate Microsoft’s “unwanted child” with some great talents. I’ll close the session with the words “try to do this in Yammer!”, I promise!