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Work Management service in SharePoint 2013 (7): More task operations

Once we have a task, there are numerous task related methods within the Session object. We can, for example, pin and unpin tasks to the timeline (equals to the “important” tasks in Outlook, or high priority tasks in other systems):

taskWriteResult = uos.PinTask(myTask.Id);
taskWriteResult = uos.RemovePinOnTask(myTask.Id);

Editing tasks can be done via UpdateTaskWithLocalizedValue method. There is an enumeration WritableTaskField, that defines which task fields can be updated. This is important, since tasks are coming from different providers, which might have different task properties (SharePoint tasks are not the same as Exchange tasks), and those properties are basically the least common denominator, which can be found in each task provider. Those are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • StartDate
  • DueDate
  • IsCompleted
  • EditUrl

Please note IsCompleted property here: by updating it, you can set the task status to “completed” (100% task progress in some providers), or not completed (0% progress).

This line of code would update the task description:

uos.UpdateTaskWithLocalizedValue(myNewTask.Id, WritableTaskField.Description, “New Description”);

This line of code sets the task to the “completed” status:

uos.UpdateTaskWithLocalizedValue(myNewTask.Id, WritableTaskField.IsCompleted, “true”);

Deleting task is also quite simple, even if the word “deleting” might not be a right expression here. The method DeleteTask actually removes the task from your MySite timeline:

TaskWriteResult twr = uos.DeleteTask(myNewTask.Id);

For personal tasks, which live only inside the timeline, this is ok – they are really deleted. But the provider tasks are not – only their cached copy is removed from the timeline, and the tasks can still be found in the respective SharePoint lists and Project tasks. If you need to delete them from there, you will need to call respective provider specific APIs.