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Winter Sleep of a SharePoint blog

As you have maybe noticed, this blog was in a kind of a winter sleep this December. The reasons are pretty usual, actually: project deadlines, and then the holidays. Trying to spend as much time with the family as I could – to try to make at least a bit up, for being somewhere else for a big part of the year.

But – new articles from the SharePoint Architecture project are on the way (the next one, dealing with the business entities coming in the first days of January). And – the blog itself will get a huge visual revamp – something that I was planning since months, but never found time to do it. Well, at least not until now.

And, of course – I wish you all the best in the new year 2012: may you hit all the deadlines, may your SharePoint work stable, may your user profiles service not crash, may all your customers be satisfied, may your governance plans be fulfilled… did I forget something? Guess not… Oh yes, and the most important one: good health and lot of happiness to you and your dear ones in 2012!

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