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Changed PowerShell commands for pairing Workflow Manager 1.0 with SP2013

You might not have even noticed, but in the wave of new RTM bits that has hit us during past few weeks, Workflow Manager has been one of them. And it seams the name is final now – it’s “Workflow Manager” after all. No “Windows Azure Workfow”, “Workflow 1.0” or even “AppFabric Workflow”, how it has been called in the past few months. Workflow manager it is.

RTM bits solved few nasty bugs which were present in the beta version, but the technique of pairing it with SharePoint Server 2013 has not changed (look at this article about WFM and SP2013 pairing), except of one minor thing: the parameters in the Workflow Manager PowerShell commands for finding out the workflow ports has changed slightly.

No2 it is:

Get-WFFarm | ft HttpPort


Get-WFFarm | ft HttpsPort

for HTTP and HTTPS ports respectively.


Oh yes, and the service application is not called “App Fabric Application Proxy” anymore, it’s “Workflow Service Application Proxy” now Smile


Everything else has remained the same way as in the beta version. Yes, I’ll update my previous article Smile