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Troubleshooting ServiceBus installation (2): Damn, The Fabric Data Collection Agent is disabled!

In my last post I have written about the missing WindowsFabric service causing ServiceBus to misbehave, and how to solve that problem. Well, once I solved that, I have hit another one.

Each time when the ServiceBus configuration wizard would try to join the SB Farm (SB Farm creation was successful), it would crash there, with the following errors in log:

[Progress] [13.05.2013 10:56:19]: Windows Fabric configuration started.
[Verbose] [13.05.2013 10:56:21]: Windows Fabric cluster manifest generated.
[Verbose] [13.05.2013 10:56:21]: Running Windows Fabric deployment.
[Progress] [13.05.2013 10:56:21]: Running Windows Fabric deployment.
[Error] [13.05.2013 10:56:21]: System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException: Program C:Program FilesWindows FabricbinFabricFabric.Code.1.0FabricDeployer.exe exited with error: Windows Fabric deployment failed.DeploymentValidator: warning: The Fabric Data Collection Agent is disabled for this deployment.
None of the declared nodes is for the current machine.

This one took me a few hours to figure out. Even if, on the end, it was a simple one. In the host file, there was an entry that the is pointing to the server name (it could also be the Fully Qualified server name).

In my case:        servername

or        servername.domain.loc

Delete or comment this line, and try again. Right, it works. Sad smile

And n quickie for the end:

When you try to pair WorkFlow Manager with SharePoint 2013, yoy might get the error:

Register-SPWorkflowService : The caller does not have the necessary
permissions required for this operation. Permissions granted: None. Required
permissions: WriteScope.

then run the SharePoint Management Shell as the administrator, and try again.