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Top Muppets, reloaded (2015 edition)

Statler: The question is, what is a muh-nah-muh-nah?
Waldorf: The question is, who cares?

So, it is that time of the year again. Time to write this post.

I was told today, that I was again nominated for top European SharePoint influencer, influenza, or however that thing is called. I am being placed on that list year after year, I even win something now and then. Hurray.
Let me make one thing clear: I don’t really care about it. What we are doing is a community work, and we are doing it because it is fun, and because it can possibly help the others, and because we all also use that community knowledge ourselves. Privately organized campaigns (this one is from a well-known SharePoint ISV) serve only for their own marketing and promotion (legitimate goal). But it has nothing to do with the community, and this is where I see the problem.

This year it is even a bit more sensitive for me, since I am in the program committee of the conference, where those prizes will be delivered. So, if I could plainly ignore the whole thing in the last years, it will not be possible this year.

Honestly, I am thankful to that ISV for supporting the conference. I am even more thankful to them for supporting the community (this is not the only thing they do for community). I just deeply believe that this marketing measure, this kind of ranking is not serving the community on any possible way. It promotes a false competition (where no competition should be!), and it brings ZERO added value to the community. I am honestly offended that this kind ranking even exist.

But, since ranking is there, and since it won’t be removed, I invite everyone to vote for a dear friend of mine, true SharePoint legend, Jasper Oosterveld. He is a bright light, a Northern star on the SharePoint universe.

So, please, do vote. Jasper for the President.