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European SharePoint Conference 2015 Programme announced

OK, it is out now. Even if I told myself once that I never ever want to be involved in any program team again, the temptation was too big this time: when I saw the names and the session proposals for European SharePoint Conference 2015, I said yes.

I am quite proud of the agenda, to be honest. I really feel that Wim, Göran, Nicki and myself have put together a rock&roll agenda, which covers pretty much all collaboration aspects on Microsoft technologies today, with – of course – focal point on SharePoint and Office 365. If you look at the speaker names, and keynote, session and workshop abstracts, you can see for yourself.

But there is always that part, where lot of my friends are cheering for being accepted, and some of them being disappointed for not being accepted. The choice was tough: we had *way* more submissions than sessions. We are talking 4-digit numbers here. There was just no way we could take everyone we wanted. I was feeling sorry for lot of sessions that were not accepted.

Anyway, Stockholm is great. I invite everyone to (I hope) great conference, lot of serious SharePoint and Office 365 business, and – as always – a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it.

Full ESPC 2015 Programme